As an added benefit for our employees, it is important to stay informed at all times.  In an attempt to bring new information about department products and technologies, the Village of Holly Fire Department Officer’s have implemented the following section to cover your training needs but leave it for you to do at your pace.

Please review the following training’s and keep an eye out for upcoming on-site training’s.

Bullard T3 Max Thermal Imager Training

Link to Bullard Training                                

Engine 1 houses the Bullard T3max thermal imager. If you are new to  Holly Fire or would like to hone your skills on the TIC. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the link to the left.
2. Click on new user then register
3. Review the training program then successfully complete the test.
4. Print off the certificate and submit a copy of it for your records.

Lucas 2 Device

Instructions for Training Certification:
1.) Watch the In – Service Video to the Right
2.) Click on the link to the training page for the Lucas 2 Device.
3.) Follow the points shown below


4.) Once complete please take the 15 question test and print out your certificate.
5.) Make a copy of your certificate and turn it in at Station # 1.

4 Gas Detector In Service Training

There is a required training for these units that is an on line 18-minute video and ten-question test.MSA training video:
  1. Web site – – Click Button Below
  2. Go to create new account
  3. Enter info
  4. Go to your personal email and click link
  5. Go to portable gas detection – multigas
  6. Click on Altair4 multigas detector-care and use
  7. Watch video and take test
  8. Print certificate and give to LT 1


Hot Stick

Hot Sticks are now located in both Engines and Ladder 1. Click on the button below to view the training video.

 Link to Hot Stick Video